The Brücke Museum collects and researches the works of the Expressionist artist group Brücke. It is the only museum in the world with this focus and possesses one of the most extensive collections of Brücke art.

Das Stadtarchiv der alten lippischen Residenz Detmold erfährt in der Öffentlichkeit eine große Wertschätzung. Dies beruht darauf, dass Detmold aufgrund seiner einstigen Funktion als Hauptstadt des Landes Lippe bis 1947 eine besondere Rolle unter den lippischen Kommunen zukam.

By Julia Fernow (Research Associate)
A world of glitter and rainbow and a white unicorn with a pink tail leaps in the middle. Where does this creature come from, which has been conquering the playrooms for years, jumping into the water as a pool animal in the summer and captivating children and adults alike – or driving them crazy?

Marc Chagall, Max Ernst, Paul Gauguin, Wassily Kandinsky, Paul Klee, Käthe Kollwitz, Pablo Picasso – many important artists who are indispensable in the art and cultural history of Germany, Europe and the world were ostracised and persecuted by the National Socialist regime as "degenerate". They were banned from artistic work, ostracised, removed from office, expelled from Germany and Europe. Their

The most beautifully 19th-century coloured photographs come from Japan. Techniques taken from traditional Japanese craftsmanship make these pictures look especially realistic and give insight into a country that had long isolated itself from foreign countries. One of the most successful Japanese photographers of the late 19th century is Kusakabe Kimbei.

Das Heinrich-Barth-Institut unternimmt und unterstützt Bemühungen und Maßnahmen, die dem Erhalt und der Pflege des kulturellen und natürlichen Erbes Afrikas sowie der Schaffung dazu notwendiger Voraussetzungen, etwa durch die Einrichtung von Landschaftsschutzgebieten, dienen.

Since its foundation in 1979, Das Archiv Frau und Musik has been dedicated to documenting the history of women's music and promoting women who create music. Das Archiv, which is located in Frankfurt am Main, collects, preserves and publishes the creative work of composers, conductors and musicians.

The fact that the earth is a sphere is a fact that few people dispute today. The Greek philosopher and mathematician Aristotle realised this about 2,300 years ago, based on an amazingly simple observation...

Die Universitäts- und Landesbibliothek Sachsen-Anhalt in Halle (ULB) is the largest scientific library in Sachsen-Anhalt and contains a correspondingly extensive old stock of historical books and maps. Today it has a portfolio of over 5.55 million stock units.

This month we are especially pleased to present you a contribution by Susanne Wosnitzka which was originally published on the blog Archives of Women and Music, which is well worth reading. The text deals with the history of the women’s brass band. Exciting digital images on the subject - again from the Archives of Women & Music - can now