Farbfotografie eines orangenen Rettungsrings, darauf steht in schwarzer Schrift MS CAP ANAMUR HAMBURG
Eines der vielen Objekte im Virtuellen Migrationsmuseum, Rettungsring von Cap Anamur, DOMiD-Archiv

Overcoming Borders: Migration, Escape and Arrival

Whether migration of peoples, emigration, flight or recruitment of skilled workers – migration movements are as old as human history. For thousands of years, we have transcended geographical, linguistic and cultural boundaries. Here we talk, among other things, about people who sought their fortune in the USA in the 19th century, about the economic miracle of the young Federal Republic, which would not have been possible without the Turkish and Italian guestworkers, or about people who had to give way to lignite mining in the Eifel with their home villages.