The DDB mourns for Uwe Müller

17 September 1975 – 22 February 2019 

Uwe Müller

Last Monday, we were informed about the sudden death of our managing director, Uwe Müller. We are bewildered, perplexed and speechless.

Uwe Müller was responsible for the areas of „technology, development and service“ at the Frankfurt location of the DDB but for us, his colleagues, he was especially the person who hold the institution together, who motivated us for work and was the reliable pillar of strength for each one of us and the DDB’s whole team even in the case of the most severe difficulties.

Uwe Müller was not only a good and sensitive manager, we were always able to rely on his specialist competence as well. As an employee of the DDB from the very start, he was primarily responsible for the development and implementation of new ideas, his tireless commitment has left his mark on the DDB. Without Uwe Müller, the DDB would never be what it is today.

We are deeply sad about Uwe Müller’s sudden death. What remains are the memories of a sympathetic, sensitive and reliable – simply a kind – person. His death leaves a void which cannot be filled.

In deep sadness

The Team of the Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek (DDB – German Digital Library)

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