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20.04.2023 Astrid B. Müller (Communication, Press, Marketing)

Press Release. Berlin, 20 April, 2023

Starting May 2023, there will be even more cultural treasures to be found on the online portal of the Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek. The Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek unites more than 45 million cultural objects from around 780 cultural and knowledge institutions that present their digital holdings.

In order to make it easier to find your way around this abundance and diversity, the Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek has revised its online presence and now offers even more contextual information. 60 new partner institutions are participating, which alone present around 500,000 digital objects. All these are the results of the project "Nutzerorientierte Neustrukturierung der Deutschen Digitalen Bibliothek (User-Oriented Restructuring of the German Digital Library)", which was funded by the Commissioner for Culture and Media (BKM) from 2020 to 2023 as part of the funding program NEUSTART KULTUR (RESTART CULTURE).

All offers are free of charge, ad-free and can be used without registration and make you hungry for more culture: The new Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek offers more than 20 files with blog posts, picture galleries, virtual exhibitions and interactive elements on different topics. Thus "Clothes Make the (Wo)man" takes a look at the current and past fashion trends and bold hairstyles. A quiz about Marlene Dietrich offers some background information about probably the most famous German “femme fatale” in Hollywood. Under “Memory & Co”, the popular game challenges with “perfume bottles” or “landscapes”. With the drag & drop “Hansestädte (Hanseatic cities)” it is important to recognize the political-cultural centres. Nature lovers get their money's worth in "Pilze (mushrooms)" and can get to the bottom of spectacular natural phenomena in "Wunder der Natur (Wonders of nature)”. "Feiern wie in Babylon Berlin (Celebrating like in Babylon Berlin)" offers cultural history on the ecstatic nightlife in the major cities of the Weimar Republic

50 galleries invite you to discover: "Mediterrane Träume (Mediterranean Dreams)" carries you off to places of longing for sun seekers and gourmets, "Gärten in Ost und West (Gardens in East and West)" tells about things that were the same and things that were different on either side of the historical inner-German border. The "Geschichte der Fußbekleidung (History of Footwear)" traces the status of its wearers and social ideas through the centuries and with "Expressionismus (Expressionism)", one immerses oneself in a world full of emotions, impulsiveness and bright colourfulness.

In addition to more than 20 files, more than 170 virtual exhibitions offer in-depth insights into the cultural treasures presented in the Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek: What does the Nibelungenlied have to do with the animated film “Shrek”? What do posters from the 19th century tell us about the emancipation of women? How old is rain and what do dust and butterflies have to do with it? Large and small topics, prepared by our partner institutions throughout Germany, show the diversity of content that can be searched in the Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek.

At a ceremony followed by Hands On, the new offers will be presented in Berlin on 8 May 2023. Representatives of the press are cordially invited and can register veranstaltung [at] (for) it at veranstaltung [at]
Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek #relaunched, 8 May 2023, 17:30, James-Simon-Galerie, Berlin, Bodestraße




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The  Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek connects the digital holdings of German institutions of culture and knowledge and makes them centrally accessible. It offers all people free access to digitised museum objects, books, music, monuments, films, documents and many other cultural treasures via the Internet. The Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek acts as a network, linking and presenting the digital offerings of its partners and contributing to the democratisation of knowledge and resources.

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