Terms of Use

The Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek (German Digital Library) cross-links the digital records of cultural and scientific institutions in Germany and of German cultural and scientific institutions outside the country. It makes knowledge accessible through a common portal and thus, makes a significant contribution to the interlinkage of knowledge among disciplines and between users and the cultural and scientific institutions.

The Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek does not review the institution´s data (metadata and digital objects) which have been delivered by the institution (data provider). Also, the Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek does not check the correctness of the rights information and licenses provided or the existence of the rights for the communication to the public. According to their contract with the Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek, the data providers themselves are responsible for ensuring that they are entitled to grant the rights required for use in the Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek.

The rights statements and licenses specify, for example, how users of the Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek may use the digital objects (e.g., only download for personal purposes, communicate them on their own websites, or make unlimited use of them).

The metadata are provided under a CC0 license (Public Domain Dedication). However, this does not apply to some of the object description texts that occasionally supplement the data sets of museum objects. More information about the licenses and rights statements

Objects whose metadata contain a VG Bild-Kunst notice may not be used for training purposes in connection with artificial intelligence systems outside of the legal permission requirements.