Zeichnung eines stilisierten Seiltänzers in schwarz-weiß mit rosa Hintergrund
Paul Klee, Seiltänzer, Druck, 1923, aus der Sammlung von: Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Kupferstichkabinett/ Jörg P. Anders

New virtual exhibition: "Time out of joint" - The crisis year 1923


One hundred years ago, Germany's first parliamentary democracy, the young Weimar Republic, was on the brink of collapse.

The year 1923, which will go down in the history books as a "crisis year", was characterised by hyperinflation, the occupation of the Ruhr, political unrest and separatist efforts, the rise of right-wing and left-wing extremists and the Hitler-Ludendorff putsch. 

Together with the Federal Archives, supported by the German Historical Museum, we are tracing the developments that almost caused the collapse of the Weimar Republic. The wealth of historical images from this period - laundry baskets full of banknotes, long queues in front of grocery shops, war invalids on the streets, French soldiers in the occupied Ruhr region - make the events tangible. 

You are cordially invited to visit the exhibition "Time out of joint" - The crisis year 1923! 

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