Urheberrecht, Praxis und Fiktion. Rechteklärung beim kulturellen Erbe im Zeitalter der Digitalisierung - Ein Beitrag von Paul Klimpel

Copyright, practice and fiction. Rights clearance for cultural heritage in the age of digitalization – An article by Paul Klimpel

The first publication of the Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek “A Future for the Past – Cultural Heritage in the Digital World” (“Der Vergangenheit eine Zukunft – Kulturelles Erbe in der...

Die Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek auf den großen Messen im März

The Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek at the large trade fairs in March

If you visit the CeBIT in Hanover or the Library Congress and the Book Fair in Leipzig in March, you are very welcome to pay us a visit at our stands. This year we are present at the...

Bärte oder Wie Luther (fast) den Hasen rettete

Beards or How Luther (almost) saved the hare

In order to finance the Northern War against the Swedish Empire in 1700, Peter I, Tsar of Russia, had a creative idea: a new tax was needed and so he introduced the “Bartkopeke” (beard...

Neuerscheinung: „Handbuch Kulturportale – Online-Angebote aus Kultur und Wissenschaft“

New publication: “A Handbook of Culture Portals – Online Cultural and Scientific Offerings”

The “Handbook of Culture Portals – Online Cultural and Scientific Offerings” was published in October 2015. The handbook consists of four parts: “Introduction and Importance of Culture...

Wir sind die DDB: Das LWL-Archivamt für Westfalen

We are the DDB: The LWL-Archivamt for Westphalia

The LWL-Archivamt for Westphalia (until 2006 Westfälisches Archivamt) houses the archive of the Landschaftsverband Westfalen-Lippe (LWL) and the Westphalian Literature Archive. In...

Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek: „Meine DDB“ im aktuellen Release

Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek: the latest release with new feature “My DDB”

A new release of the back and front end of the Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek (DDB) was launched on 27 August, featuring a range of functions that were implemented in the second milestone...