Kultur-Hackathon Coding da Vinci 2015: Auftakt der Daten, Institutionen und Hacker

‘Coding da Vinci’ Culture Hackathon 2015: institutions and programmers gear up for data hack.

In the words of Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek General Manager Frank Frischmuth: ‘Culture and the digital medium feed off one another’, and so it goes: preparations are underway for...

Persistente Identifikatoren für unterschiedliche Ressourcen aller Kultursparten

Persistent Identifiers for multiple resources in all sectors of culture

How can cultural resources – physical or digital books, files, films, artworks and such like – be allocated a distinct and permanent address so that the associated digital information...

Finden ohne Suche: Ein Interview mit George Oates

Discovery without Search: An Interview with George Oates

From 11-13 February, the EuropeanaTech conference was held at the National Library of France in Paris. During these two days, Joris Pekel, Europeana’s Community Coordinator for Cultural...