Neue Virtuelle Ausstellung: „Grimm von A bis Z – Was uns die Brüder Grimm nicht erzählten“

New Virtual Exhibition: “Grimm from A to Z – What the Brothers Grimm didn’t tell us”

“Perhaps it was time to set down these tales in writing, for those who should be their custodians are steadily diminishing…” – this is how the “Children’s and Household Tales” of the...

Wir sind die DDB: Das Museum Ludwig in Köln

We are the DDB: The Museum Ludwig in Köln

The Museum Ludwig is one of the most important museums for the art of the 20th century as well as contemporary art in Germany. It was founded in 1976 on the occasion of the gift of 350...

Objekt des Monats: Die Modellbüste der Königin Nofretete

Object of the month: The Model Bust of Queen Nefertit

This is where every month we will be showing you a selected object that can be found using the Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek. It may be an object that is of particular relevance at the...

Wir sind die DDB: Das Düsseldorfer Hetjens-Museum mit der weltweit größten Keramiksammlung

We are the DDB: Düsseldorf’s Hetjens Museum with the world’s largest collection of ceramics

Many cultural and scientific institutions are already a part of the Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek and the number is growing every day. Famous museums and research facilities are on board...

Suche des Monats: Johann Sebastian Bach

Search of the month: Johann Sebastian Bach

In this section, we aim to shed some light on the objects that can be found in the Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek (DDB) by looking at sample search terms that will be changing regularly...