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A boost for digital access to cultural heritage: BAM Consortium for Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek

The consortial partners of BAM, the joint portal for Bibliotheken, Archive and Museen (libraries, archives and museums), are recommending the transferral of all BAM data into the...

Der Großstadtziegel, Allegorien und Klangvisualisierungen: Das Finale von Coding da Vinci

The Big-city Tile, Allegories and Sound Visualisations: The Finale of Coding da Vinci

The hackers involved in the Coding da Vinci Culture Hackathon have had ten weeks to develop their ideas using material from 47 data sets received from 33 cultural institutions.

Die Bilder der Digitalisierung – „Der Vergangenheit eine Zukunft. Kulturelles Erbe in der Digitalen Welt“

The digitisation process in images – “A Future for the Past - Cultural Heritage in a Digital World”

To accompany the first publication by the Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek, “A Future for the Past – Cultural Heritage in a Digital World”, photographer and film theorist Jürgen Keiper has...