Eine kurze Geschichte des Mikrofilms und wie er Paris die Kommunikation ermöglichte

A short history of microfilm and how it facilitated communication in Paris

The history of microfilm is also the history of some very heroic homing pigeons, whose working environment was not exactly one of the most attractive during the Franco-Prussian War of...

Die Geschichte des Regenschirms und seiner sozialen Konsequenzen

The history of the umbrella and its social consequences

It began with mockery, insults and pelted rubbish, when the Englishman Jonas Hanway came back from a trip to France in the early 1750s and went for a walk in London. His fellow citizens...

„Hamburger Note“ zur Digitalisierung des kulturellen Erbes

The “Hamburger Note” for the Digitisation of Cultural Heritage

In the run-up to this year’s conference “Shaping Access! More Responsibility for Cultural Heritage”, the “Hamburger Note” is going to be presented in Berlin. Archives, libraries and...