Bibliothekarin am Zettelkatalog der Deutschen Bücherei Bild: Rössing, Roger (Fotograf); Rössing, Renate (Fotograf) (1955) Deutsche Fotothek

Metadata: Making Cultural Heritage Accessible and Visible – An Interview

The complex world of metadata is one of the Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek’s central fields of work and an area of work in which the processes and developments are virtually “invisible”...

"Buchtransport. Deutsche Nationalbibliothek (Leipzig)", Foto: Jürgen Keiper, CC BY 4.0

Sketches on the Cultural Memory System Change - An article by Bernhard Serexhe

The first publication of the Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek, “A Future for the Past – Cultural Heritage in a Digital World” appeared in March of 2015.

Neue Virtuelle Ausstellung: „Vom Privilegienbrief zum Bundesverfassungsgericht – Eine Virtuelle Ausstellung zum 300. Geburtstag der Stadt Karlsruhe“

New virtual exhibition: “From Letter of Privilege to Federal Constitutional Court – a virtual exhibition for Karlsruhe’s 300th birthday”

From today’s perspective, in this early period Karlsruhe already brought itself into play for the developments of law and administration of justice which were to emanate from this city...

„Hamburger Note“ zur Digitalisierung des kulturellen Erbes

The “Hamburger Note” for the Digitisation of Cultural Heritage

In the run-up to this year’s conference “Shaping Access! More Responsibility for Cultural Heritage”, the “Hamburger Note” is going to be presented in Berlin. Archives, libraries and...

Die Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek bei „Zugang gestalten! Mehr Verantwortung für das kulturelle Erbe“ 2015

The Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek at "Shaping Access! More Responsibility for Cultural Heritage" 2015

What role does metadata play in an interconnected world? How will exhibitions be designed in the future? Where is the development of the legal conditions heading? What are the...