Alef bet

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Since the opening of the first permanent exhibition in 2001, the Jüdisches Museum (Jewish Museum) Berlin has been one of the largest Jewish museums throughout the world. In the meantime, the museum building designed by Daniel Libeskind – connected underground with the baroque old building of the former Kammergericht (highest state court) – has become a landmark of the city and a magnet for visitors from all over the world.

Entwurf einer Mitgliedskarte der Soncino-Gesellschaft für das Jahr 1926, Berlin 1925 (Jüdisches Museum Berlin, Inv.-Nr. DOK 93/502/24, Rechte vorbehalten – Freier Zugang, )

With its many and varied objects, archival materials, photographs and works of fine and applied art, the museum documents Jewish life in Germany up to the present day. One focus is on the collecting of the scattered estates of Jewish families, not least which reflect the persecution and exile experiences of the German Jews after 1933. 

Faksimile eines Briefes von Rahel Varnhagen von Ense, in: Briefe berühmter Jüdinnen, Berlin: Soncino-Gesellschaft der Freunde des jüdischen Buches 1930 (Jüdisches Museum Berlin, IV. Brief 344, Public Domain Mark 1.0)

The library has extensive holdings on the visual and material culture of Judaism. Valuable, rare prints from the Haskalah time, books with original graphics, writings on Zionism and valuable historic children’s and youth books document how diversely active Jews were in all fields of science, art and culture. In addition to all publications of the bibliophile association, the Soncino Society of the Friends of the Jewish Book also includes correspondence, ephemera and unique items. 

Hermann Fechenbach: Alef bet, Berlin: Schocken Verlag 1936 (Jüdisches Museum Berlin, VIII.6. Feche 794, Rechte vorbehalten - Freier Zugang - Wahrnehmung der Rechte durch die VG WORT (§ 51 VGG) )

All Objects of the Jüdisches Museums Berlin in the Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek

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